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AquaGold Fine Touch


For those looking for AQUAGOLD in the Kingwood area, look no further - we at the Skin Firm are proud providers of the AQUAGOLD Microneedling treatment. If you are as obsessed with social media trends as we are, you have definitely heard about this amazing new facial called the "AquaGold" or "The Botox" facial. There's a reason most celebrities swear by this. It's the most amazing with very minimal downtime micro needling facial out there. You have to try it to see how amazing it is!


AQUAGOLD fine touch is a type of Microneedling treatment used to improve the quality of your skin and address specific issues such as wrinkles, acne scarring, or decreased skin elasticity.

The AQUAGOLD device contains 24 karat needles that are sized smaller than hair follicles for a painless and bruise-free experience. The device works by inserting and delivering the chosen products – such as Botox or other neurotoxins, fillers such as Juvederm or Belotero, and vitamins – directly beneath the skin. We came up with our own concoction which consists of our favorite dermal fillers, botox, and vitamins to change your skin in less than 20 mins! Don't worry when you see the words fillers and botox and think, is my skin going to be super stiff and not move? The answer is No! The AquaGold device has gold-plated needles that are about 0.6 mm long, which means the solution will only go 0.6 mm into your skin. You'll see a youthful glow from the fillers, some firmness due to the Botox, with hydration and rejuvenation from the vitamins we put in the mixture. This facial has needles so we apply numbing cream on you to make your facial is completely painless, and relaxing.

Benefits of AQUAGOLD

Many benefits come from AQUAGOLD treatments, including:

  • Customizable: When undergoing an AQUAGOLD treatment, you will first complete a consultation where our specialists will work with you to determine which products to use and which problems to address.

  • Minimal Waste: The AQUAGOLD device is designed to minimize the occurrence of residual drug use, meaning more of the active ingredients make it into your skin.

  • Versatile: AQUAGOLD is a mix of many components for different skin needs.

  • Hypoallergenic: The high-quality and 24 karat needles used in the device are made of gold, a material that is hypoallergenic and can reduce or prevent swelling and inflammation.