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IPL/Photo Facial

Utilizing the XEO by Cutera, the Skin Firm provides clients with top-quality Photo Facials, also known as IPL (intense pulsed light). This kind of treatment uses a special light to reduce skin spots, aging, and overall texture.

The versatility of the XEO allows for our treatments to be used for specific areas of the skin as well as broader stretches of skin. The treatment works by stimulating collagen production.

At the Skin Firm, we are experts in working with advanced technologies such as XEO by Cutera, to provide our clients with precise and effective results.

Benefits of IPL/Photo Facial

IPL or Photo facials are extremely beneficial to the skin, offering a wide range of benefits to help combat unwanted aging. These include:

  • Skin Tone Correction: IPL/Photo facials work tremendously to correct imperfections in skin tone, including aging spots and discolorations.

  • Noninvasive: The invasiveness of facial surgeries can turn many people away – luckily, IPL facials are highly effective and nonsurgical.

  • No Downtime: Though it is recommended to avoid sun immediately following the treatment, IPL/Photo facials have the added benefit of not requiring much downtime for recovery.