TruSculpt iD Body Contouring in Kingwood

Since its creation, the practice of body contouring has become all the rage in the medspa industry. Finding a highly-trained team of body contouring experts is essential for achieving the optimal results, and The Skin Firm has just the team of doctors and specialists to meet your exact and specific needs.

We work with cutting-edge technologies produced by Cutera and offer effective body contouring treatments using the TruSculpt iD technology to help you achieve your body sculpting goals.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring treatments are typically used for fat reduction or rejuvenation of loose skin following a significant weight loss. This kind of treatment targets both body fat and skin to help tighten and firm the body according to the client’s objectives.

Body contouring can come in two forms: surgical and non-surgical.

Here at The Skin Firm, we believe in providing our clients with the most effective non-surgical treatments to avoid costly and invasive surgeries that incur large amounts of downtime. Our goal is to provide our clients with fast and thorough service that gets them back on their feet in no time.

In fact, on average our clients see a 24 percent fat reduction with each session!

How Does Body Contouring Work?

At the Skin Firm, we utilize Cutera’s TruSculpt iD technology. The process can be carried out quickly and results in little to no downtime following the treatment.

TruSculpt iD uses radiofrequency energy to heat the layer of fat beneath the skin. This heating process penetrates deep into the fat layer and can result in significant fat reduction after several treatments. This process damages the fat cells and allows them to be slowly removed and excreted throughout the treatment – typically around 12 weeks.

Benefits of Body Contouring with TruSculpt iD

The Skin Firm prioritizes the most advanced technologies for our clients, and truSculpt iD offers a unique set of advantages that make it our favored method of treatment for body contouring. Benefits of this treatment include:

  • Non-surgical and non-invasive treatment

  • Removal of fat cells from the body

  • Significant tightening of the outer layers of skin

  • Optimal patient comfort during the treatment

TruSculpt iD vs. Coolsculpting

The main difference between TruSculpt and the Coolsculpting method is that while Coolsculpting uses a freezing method to eliminate fat, TruSculpt uses radiofrequency and heat.

While Coolsculpting is an effective treatment to reduce fat, TruSculpt offers the added benefit of also tightening the skin by treating the skin’s elasticity and texture.

Additionally, TruSculpt is not limited in which parts of the body it can treat, unlike Coolsculpting.

TruSculpt iD is a great solution for getting rid of stubborn fat – such as around the neck and jawline, back, legs, and abdomen!

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